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Training Courses and Accreditation

Courses and Locations
Training is delivered from the Optimum Training Centre in Leeds or at your own premises where required.

CCTV Supervision (Senior Operators/Supervisors/Managers)- BTEC Level 3
Delivered over 3 days, this course is dedicated to CCTV Supervision and provides important information to Senior Operators, Supervisors and Managers of CCTV Control Rooms in the day to day management of CCTV Control Rooms - portfolio and examination based assessment
CCTV Operations (Public Space Surveillance) BTEC Level 2
Specialist sector training for CCTV Operators delivered over 4 days.
Unit 1 - Working in the Private Security Industry
Unit 2 - Working as a CCTV Operator
Unit 3 - CCTV Skills - Practical

CCTV Refresher - Optimum Certification

Delivered over 2 days, this course updates CCTV Operators on relevant Law and Best Practice guidelines.

Security Guarding - BTEC Level 2
Specialist training for Security Officers working as a patrol, static or retail officer. Delivered over 4 days including the 1 day Conflict Management Unit.
Unit 1 - Working in the Private Security Industry
Unit 2 - Security Guarding
Unit 3 - Conflict Management
Working in the Private Security Industry - The Common Module
This new one day unit is a mandatory requirement and forms an integral part of the CCTV Operations, Security Guarding and Door Supervisor courses.
Radio Communications - Theory and Practice
This new theory and practical course is delivered over 1 day. Introducing new key words and setting standards for the use of radios in the emergency and security sectors; it is also ideal for Local Authority staff and other personnel who have a need to use radio communications during their employment.
First Aid at Work
Delivered over 3 days, this course is approved by the Health and Safety Executive and is valid for three years.
First Aid Refresher
Delivered over 2 days and approved by the Health and Safety Executive, this course provides the necessary certification to renew the original three year qualification.

Tailor Made Courses

Optimum are able to tailor security courses to suit your requirements

Course Accreditation
The courses shown above are delivered by Optimum Training as BTEC courses accredited to national standards by Edexcel.

Every BTEC course has been through a fully independent accreditation process undertaken by Edexcel.

Edexcel offer a comprehensive system of vocational qualifications, which demonstrate that people have the skills, knowledge and understanding to perform their jobs effectively.  They are based on rigorous national standards that have been developed with employers who know how to succeed in each industry.

All courses comply with British Standards where applicable. The main standards that apply to CCTV control rooms and associated subjects are:

BS 5979 for high security control rooms and alarm receiving centres
BS 7499 for security control rooms
BS 7858 for the vetting of security officers and CCTV operators
BS 7958 for the management and operation of a CCTV system control room
BS 8418 for installation and remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems.

In addition, the Criminal Procedures and Investigation Act 1996, the Data Protection Act, and Human Rights 1998, Freedom of Information Act 2000, the RIP Act 2000, and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 rules of evidence are all taken into consideration.

Information gained from the Home Office, the Security Industry Authority, the Information Commissioner, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Police and the wider security industry, together with best practice guidelines, are continually taken into consideration to upgrade and update each course syllabus.

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