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Frequently Asked Questions (Training FAQ) for CCTV Training

1. What if my CCTV operators are experienced?
It goes without saying that new operatives, or those with limited experience, require appropriate training. However training for existing experienced control room staff, who may not have undergone formal training or who received their training in excess of three years previously is now recognised as being essential to ensure operatives all work to the latest guidelines and recommendations. The Home office recommends that nationally recognised and certified training should be provided for all operators who monitor public area CCTV systems. The Data Protection Act 1998 also states that operatives of CCTV systems must be trained. Both BS 7499 and BS 7958 also require training for all CCTV operatives.  The Private Security Industry Act 2001 sets out the requirement for licensing all security personnel and Public Space CCTV Operators contracted to monitor those areas are now required by law to be licensed.

Even if your CCTV staff have been employed in this work for a number of years they still require formal accredited and certificated training. New laws and changes in best practice procedures need to be understood.

2. My CCTV operators are employed 'In House'.  Do they need accredited training and an SIA licence?
Strictly speaking 'In House' CCTV operators are not included in the SIA licensing requirements at this time, however a new definition of an 'In House' operator has appeared since the initial concept was announced.

If a CCTV system includes any cameras that are monitored for a third party and a monitoring charge is imposed, then the CCTV operators become 'Contracted' to that Third Party and cease to be known as 'In House', they therefore are required to be licensed.

3. I can only release one or two operators for training, where can I send them?
Optimum has a centrally located Training Centre at Corby, Northants where public training courses are delivered.

4. Will my CCTV operators require training  even if they are employed 'In House'?
All CCTV operators should be trained before working in a CCTV control room or a security control room that uses CCTV equipment. There is no doubt that all CCTV operators will eventually be required to be licensed, therefore it is sensible to use nationally recognised accredited training courses that will be taken into consideration and used as 'prior learning' in the future.

5. My CCTV Supervisors require training, can you provide these courses?
Yes, Optimum has developed a BTEC CCTV Supervisor course accredited by Edexcel at Level 3.  It is a three day course achieved by written and observed assessment.

6. Where can I send my Supervisors for training?
Optimum delivers the CCTV Supervisor's course both at Corby, Northants and also at suitable venues nationally, chosen to reduce travelling and client costs.

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