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Training Programme Overview

Core competency training must be delivered as follows:
Knowledge and practical based training and assessment over a period totalling 30 hours

The following elements have been identified by the SIA, each element has an outcome within which a large number of specific achievements must be demonstrated and assessed.

  • Role and responsibilities of CCTV operator and other CCTV staff

  • Codes of practice, operational procedures and guidelines

  • CCTV equipment and its operation

  • Control room communications and access control

  • Legislation

  • Dealing with incidents

  • Surveillance techniques

  • Fire and emergency procedures

  • Health and safety

These subjects are delivered over 4 days with an average course day of 7 hours combined with evening and/or pre-course studies. Trainers cannot reduce the prescribed learning/assessment hours of the training.

Practical Assessment
To gain approval for practical assessment, centres must provide facilities for candidates to be assessed using fully operational equipment in a 'live' CCTV control room environment.

Supervising Closed Circuit Television Control Room Operations - Advanced award Level 3.
The Optimum developed CCTV Supervisor course advanced award at level 3 has been completely brought up to date and is now delivered through trainer instruction, workshops and portfolio preparation.  The course is dedicated to CCTV Supervision and is not a Control Room Supervisor course delivered to CCTV Supervisors.

The following elements are included:

  • The roles and responsibilities of a supervisor in CCTV control room operations

  • Interpersonal and technical skills of a CCTV supervisor

  • Communication

  • Supervising the operation of a CCTV control room

  • Identifying the requirements of the Regulatory Framework for the CCTV Supervisor

  • Codes of Practice and procedures Manuals for the CCTV control room

  • Management of Logs required in the CCTV control room

  • Identify and understand the integrity of information gathered at the CCTV control room

What now?
The Edexcel accredited BTEC CCTV Control Room Operation courses delivered from the Optimum, Edexcel Approved, Training Centre will provide this accredited training and courses are running continuously from central and dedicated locations. The Centre aims to provide a clear learning programme and offer a core pathway for a career in Security and CCTV Management.

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