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What we do
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Optimum provide security advice, consultancy, training and project management to local authorities,  railway networks, bus stations, housing associations and schools where relatively modest expenditure can enhance the environment and improve the quality of life for the public living and working in these areas.

Our expertise in the preparation of feasibility studies and strategies for the development of CCTV systems is adequately demonstrated in our success in the Home Office CCTV Challenge Competitions raising over 21 million for our clients.

We employ specialists in a number of areas, giving it us a very broad skill-set across the security arena and, in particular, CCTV. Some of these specialisms are:

  • Security & CCTV System Design - from feasibility to implementation

  • Transmission alternatives for CCTV

  • Associated CCTV technologies - ANPR & Biometrics

  • Project Management

  • IT

  • Lighting

  • Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Planning

  • Bespoke CCTV Management & Support services

  • Accredited BTEC CCTV staff and Security Officer Training

We are confident of the integrity of the security systems specified by Optimum which are also backed by professional indemnity insurance.

Optimum has obtained BS EN 9001 accreditation. We believe that the elements of this standard are important in the delivery of a quality product.